Published on 12/22/2018 9:46 am
How to get rid of nasty bed bugs!

Bed bugs are not dangerous insects but they are usually considered as disgusting or annoying creature. Bed bugs are the greatest hiding creatures and hence they can be literally hiding in any place or anything in your home. This actually makes finding process so difficult. Making the situation even worse, they can also crawl so rapidly that we can’t catch them easily. They usually comes to your home through used materials such old luggage or furniture. Hence, it is always suggested to inspect new materials before placing them in your home. If it is too late to follow the above precaution for Bed Bug Control Brampton and you already have bed bug as your guest, don’t worry. Rest of the article covers the common way to get rid of bed bugs.

Zero in to the bed bug’s territory 

As I have told earlier, it is really difficult to find the location of bed bug as they are the greatest hiders and fastest crawlers. However, to get rid of bed bug, you should inspect each and every potential location of the house clearly. Obviously, it is better to start from the bed. To do so, dismantle your bed and look for the bed bug in each and every component of your bed. Apart from bed, there are few more common spots for bug and they are

  • Cracks and voids in any materials or furniture in the home. Also, if there are ants, you may also get the Ants Control Brampton services to keep them away.
  • Old furniture and sofa. In fact, sofa is another common place for bed bugs after bed, as they are smaller replica of bed.
  • Nightstands and dressers

It’s time for an action

Once you have found the location or locations of bed bugs, it is time to manage them. Subject the affected items to extreme temperature either extreme cold or extreme heat. Either of them will kill the residual bugs in affected items. To be specific, the temperature should be at least above 120 degree Celsius or below zero degrees Celsius (freezing temperature also kills them).

If you think that you have bed bugs all over your house, you should vacuum your house through a vacuum cleaner. Never leave a single place unattended. To prevent any other bugs in future, fill all the cracks or voids in furniture and walls of your home. Cockroach Control Brampton or insecticide is also a viable option, if you need a relatively quick result. However, you need to follow certain precautions and they are mentioned in following passage.

 You should use only the certified indoor insecticide. Wear gloves and masks before applying them to the affected items. Never apply them on body. It is always suggested to hire a professional to spray insecticide, if you are allergic or uncomfortable in handling insecticide. Many people want to get rid from Mice and rats, so with the help of Mice Control Brampton you can get a house free from pests and termite.

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