Published on 12/06/2018 10:10 am
Effective Methods of Removing Bed Bug!

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that usually feed on blood of humans and other warm blooded animals. They appear flat with an elliptical shape and are quite visible to naked eye. They generally infest the places like cruise ships, homes, hotels and different shelters that have sofa, bed mattresses, and other soft furniture. However, over few years, they have become key cause of annoyance in homes and so people look for effective methods to remove bed bug with the help of Bed Bug Control Caledon. These pests feed on the human blood when the person is sleeping. These bugs are basically nocturnal and favour to feed on hosts prior to sunrise.

Effects of bed bugs bite:

There isn't actually any disease that is associated with the bites of bedbug. Apart from injecting the saliva on hosts that creates allergic reactions, so they do not create any kind of diseases to get transferred from the sick host to healthy person. You might not actually feel the bite of bedbugs and so you will see their effect only once you feel itchiness after few minutes or even after some hours. The key reason is that because saliva of these pests consists of anaesthetics that makes host to feel nothing while pest are betting them. You may also use Ants Control Caledon services if you are facing problems of ants in your house.

How Beg bugs Enter your house?

Your home may get infested by these pests with second hand furniture such as sofas, beds and others that are already infested with these pests. They might even get through the luggage. Few homes and apartments might previously been infested but it is not noticeable to naked eye, as they stay in the hollow walls for several months deprived of feeding. Hence, when you acquire such type of properties, you need to ensure that you perform a vigilant check to avoid such kind of bloodsucking pests. On the other hand, if your house is infested already, there are specific ways for Mice Control Caledon that can certainly help you to solve this problem.


  • Wash your linens, beddings, clothes and other household things that are affected by using hottest temperature. You can even place these things under heat of sun for some days.
  • Spray or rub alcohol on these bedbugs, this will kill them and their eggs in an instant.
  • You should also check for the cracks in your house and should repair them at the earliest. With the help of Cockroach Control Caledon you can get rid of cockroaches in your house. Hollow walls are considered as habitats for the bed bugs and repairing such cracks are also a great way of get rid of these pests.
  • You may also call for help of professional pest exterminator as they have specialized formulas and equipment for sprays to remove these bug.
  • Use of insecticides is also a great idea to get rid of bed bugs.
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